5 tells your opponent is almost always bluffing

Most players have turned bluffing to be part of the game. It is quite common in gambling games for people to bluff. But many people get caught while they bluff. The results of being caught are very adverse, so every advance player who is bluffing should keep these points in mind: The following are 5 tells your opponent is almost always bluffing.

1. If starts bluffing.
Every single person playing poker of any sort is used to bluffing. Bluffing is one of the most important strategies of this game. People should first learn to bluff appropriately and then try it out. There are people who bluff in every single round or every game, and once they are caught they have to face terrible circumstances. First, the timing is a very important factor of bluffing. The best time to bluff is Pre-Flop from late position. When opponents are not sure about their cards, they have either folded or are just going with a blind call. This is the appropriate time to raise a larger or a medium bet, which will result in opponents folding.

2. Semi-Bluffing:
This is almost like bluffing. The only difference is that it is done when one is having a moderate hand to drop back on.

3. Analyzing Your Opponent:
The best way to bluff is by reading your opponent. This is a tough job as an opponent is not an open book, which can be read easily and the opponent shows all his cards. This task is very hard, and only practice can make one perfect. To catch an opponent who is bluffing you should check his moves. If the opponent is making a rather high bet since each late point opportunity then s/he is a confirmed bluffer. If one has a doubt that his opponent is a bluffer he can check it by calling higher than his opponents and wait for their reaction. These players are hard to catch as they keep on folding their hands and they only play those hands which they believe would give them a good start. Winning against such bluff masters is very hard, and only practice can help one learn to wipe out such opponents.

4. Staying Below The Eyes Of Your Opponent:
If you are trying to find a bluff master then one should not forget that other opponents have their eyes stuck on the way he makes his moves, he bets, and he folds. One should keep changing the way they play their hands as this will help them escape from their opponents eyes. Always keep your opponent in two minds and if one makes this possible then he seriously has a lead over his opponent.

5. Keeping your kicks behind the opponent.
Bluffing is a major part of the Opponent technique. Without bluffing nobody can win big as nobody is always lucky to get a good hand all the time. The best way to bluff is to keep a low profile, keep changing your hands, become unpredictable and no opponent will ever be able to catch you. Therefore, these are the 5 tells your opponent is almost always bluffing.

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