Terms and conditions


This document represents the conditions of use of services provided by Lovely Bonuses throughout the site LovelyBonuses.com By subscribing to the Lovely Bonuses affiliate program, you certify that you have read the terms and conditions related to our services.


1.1 ‘Sites’ determine the web pages that Lovely Bonuses promote.
1.2 ‘Parties’ refers to Lovely Bonuses and its affiliates.
1.3 ‘Deposit’ refers to money deposited by players on the sites promoted by Lovely Bonuses.
1.4 ‘Collection’ refers to money withdrawn by players on the sites promoted by Lovely Bonuses, in addition to each deposit transferred by Lovely Bonuses.
1.5 ‘CPA’ is a bonus that you will receive when a player registers and makes a first deposit on one of our sites through your site.
1.6 ‘Banner and link’ refer to all graphical elements that we put at your disposal to redirect your visitors to our sites.
1.7 ‘Player’ refers to a person entering one of our sites through yours and who has opened an account on this site.
1.8 ‘Net income’ refers to the total from all deposits, minus the withdrawals generated by your links.
1.9 “Commission program” refers to the model in which the affiliate has chosen as his method of payment. The affiliate can choose a basis of fixed or variable earnings.
1.10 ‘Fraud’ means an unlawful act or an attempt to commit an illegal act within the relevant jurisdiction. Fraud includes collusion, abuse of bonuses or other promotions, violation of laws relating to money laundering, spamming, or misleading or unauthorized advertisements, use of stolen credit cards and the unauthorized use of intellectual property rights.
1.11 ‘Spam’ refers to emails and messages that meet the following criteria: unsolicited emails, sent to many recipients, emails containing false statements, where the original IP or electronic address cannot be identified, containing no option to unsubscribe, grouping different pieces of software together, resulting in the downloading or installation of software or a similar action without the consent of the recipient..


2.1 Lovely Bonuses is an affiliation programme specializing in online gaming. Lovely Bonuses offers you a trustworthy and reliable site. The quality of our services is based on professional and conscientious teams.
2.2 Access to Online gaming sites and hence to our affiliation programme specializing in online gaming, is strictly prohibited to people under the age of 18.
2.3 As a partner to online gaming sites and sports betting, we encourage responsible gaming.
2.4 In order to establish a relationship of trust with our clients, we also guarantee the security of our site and your data when you register as a member of Lovely Bonuses.


3.1 The environment of our site is safe and secure. The confidentiality of our users’ personal information is of particular importance. To ensure a great level of security and confidentiality, we use the best technology for data protection.
3.2 Lovely Bonuses, who are in charge of processing, carry out data processing of a personal nature with the purpose of managing and monitoring your connections to our site.
3.3 The data provided during registration, such as your full name, postal address and email address, phone number, etc.. is considered to be personal and therefore kept strictly confidential. Lovely Bonuses is committed to not transfer your data to a third party. Your data is kept on highly secure internal servers.
3.4 Our affiliates’ personal data can only be used in collaboration with Lovely Bonuses. This data allow us to identify you and send you our promotions and multiple offers.


4.1 Choose a password that is unique to you. The password chosen should contain a mixture of alphanumeric characters and special characters. The user must keep this password confidential. Indeed, Lovely Bonuses will not be held liable in the event of fraudulent use of users’ passwords.
4.2 In case of loss of password it will be possible to change it. You can also contact us to receive your lost password, specifying the nature of your request. We will send you your password as soon as possible.


5.1 Lovely Bonuses agrees to compensate you for every player that you’ve referred to our sites and who has opened an account in real mode.
5.2 According to AAMS regulations, every player must sign and send the “USER CONTRACT” back to NetBet within the deadline otherwise player account will be closed. Please note that CPA will only be paid for those players who sent the contract.
5.3 Lovely Bonuses reserves the right to not pay the CPA if we notice any abuse in the use of this method. Some affiliates promise bonuses to players who register on our sites to increase their own commission.
5.4 Lovely Bonuses cannot be held responsible for loss, deteriation or damage to files, or for the transmission of viruses that could infect the user’s computer equipment.


In accordance with Articles 15 and 16 of Law 78-17 of the 6th of January 1978 related to data processing and freedom, Lovely Bonuses informs you that a cookie is installed on your computer when you visit our website. The purpose of cookies is not to identify you but to record certain pieces of information in connection with your browsing on our site (pages visited, date and time of consultation). The use of cookies is to improve our service and presents no danger to your computer. You can still object to the recording of cookies by configuring your computer. When you register to our site you must provide us with some information which will not, under any circumstances, be disclosed to third parties. You can always correct your personal information or unsubscribe. You can exercise your right to access and rectify data concerning you by sending us a message:contact.


Users are informed that during their visits to the site, a cookie may be automatically installed on their browser. The cookie is a data block that does not personally identify users but is used to record information relating to the navigation of it on the site. You can set your browser to alert you of the presence of cookies and even to refuse the manner described in the following address: http://www.cnil.fr/english/


“Creative works” are protected by copyright as they are original. For this reason, a website, since it is original, is a work protected by copyright. Any reproduction of a creative work is illegal and could be followed by disciplinary measures.
The information on this site is protected by international copyright law. Lovely Bonuses Copyright © LovelyBonuses. All rights reserved.


All visual elements of LovelyBonuses.com, whether they are filed as a trademark or not, whether they are accompanied or not by the initials TM or ® or ©, for the format and content of all articles, press reviews and more generally, any information contained on the site, remain the exclusive property of Lovely Bonuses or third parties with whom Lovely Bonuses has an agreement allowing diffusion. The user does not have the right to reproduce, distribute or more generally the right to exploit them by any means whatsoever, outside of any specific prior consent from Lovely Bonuses.


The site LovelyBonuses.com may offer links from its site to other sites, usually those of its partners (surface links, deep links). The sites that send hypertext links are, unless otherwise indicated, independent from the site LovelyBonuses.com. These links do not constitute an endorsement nor a partnership between Lovely Bonuses and these sites. Therefore, Lovely Bonuses cannot be held responsible for any content, products, advertising or any elements or services presented on these sites. Any hyperlink, of whatever nature, allowing access to the site www.Lovely Bonuses.co.uk or to one of its pages or data, requires the prior written permission from LovelyBonuses.com.


11.1 We are independent parties. We are not bound by any partnership, joint venture, subsidiary, franchise, sales representation, group of common interest.
11.2 We are not responsible for any indirect damage, specially connected to your participation in our affiliate program. Our responsibility stops with the payment made to you under this Agreement. Only parts of this contract have rights in this agreement. The damages and claims are limited to marketing revenue and direct damage. We are in no way responsible for any potential errors or interruptions in the working of our sites, and consequences connected to this problem.
11.3 You acknowledge that you have read this contract and accepts its terms. Please note that we reserve the right to change the content at any time.


12.1 Access to this site may be from several different places and countries around the world. This does not mean that Lovely Bonuses has agreed to provide its services or part of its services in the place or country where you are.
12.2 These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and Lovely Bonuses on the use of this site and its contents. If a situation arises where Lovely Bonuses face an impossible situation where they cannot respect one of the clauses in this contract, that will not, under any circumstances, be considered as a cancellation of the clause in question, and it will not prevent Lovely Bonuses to require this same clause to be put into place at any time thereafter. Where a measure seems invalid or inapplicable, it will not affect the validity and implementation of the remaining measures of this contract. All invalid or inapplicable clauses will be replaced by clauses in accordance with the law and as close as possible to the invalid and unenforceable conditions. All proceedings shall be commenced within one (1) year after filing a complaint, or they shall be deemed abandoned.
12.3 These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted to apply and respect the framework of British law in force, without referring to its conflicts or choice of legal stipulation.


13.1 The terms of this contract depend on the jurisdiction of HM Courts. All action against this contract will depend on that jurisdiction.
13.2 If one party or another is unable to comply with any clauses in this contract, they must not ignore the rest of the clauses cited. None of our employees can amend or cancel the terms of this contract.
13.3 In the event of a breach or a risk of a breach of any clause in this contract, the rights and obligations of the respective parties may be applied. Nothing in this Agreement can limit or affect our legal prerogatives, or otherwise, for a breach or violation of a known risk of a breach of this agreement, it is the intention of this measure to bring to light the fact that our rights and obligations must be applied fairly, within the law or any other way.
13.4 If certain provisions become inapplicable or illegal, such clauses would be inapplicable only in this specific case. Under no circumstances would the invalidity of a clause abolish the remaining clauses of this contract. If certain clauses were to be abandoned, this should be specified in writing only, in order for it to be validated.
13.5 Under no circumstances will you be able to transfer this contract to a third party without the prior consent from Lovely Bonuses.
13.6 Each clause of the contract will be considered effective and valid under the applicable law. However, if one of these clauses is considered to be null and void or illegal or another such clause is not applicable, it will not affect or cancel any other clauses of this contract.


Two remuneration options are available:

14.1 CPA (FLAT)
Cost Per Acquisition Online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on qualifying sales.
Our commission offers will be based on the evaluation of your website and its potential. The formula used to calculate your commissions will be approved by the Customer Management affiliate. The formula is valid only for the duration of the Offer. Once the Offer has expired your commission will be set to the default Offer available at that moment.